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Mrs. Schurita Persons, the Cosmetology teacher at CEC, says that “The biggest misconception about Cosmetology is the thought that anyone can do it. Unfortunately, it’s a tough industry.”

Mrs. Persons also elaborates saying that people often consider that the only career path in cosmetology is doing makeup. As it has been explained, one could do carnival makeup in exotic environments such as a cruise ship, or amusement park. One could also be a fashion designer or salon owner. However, all cosmetology careers require skill.

“Everything requires skill, no matter how talented you are, without the proper knowledge you cannot properly succeed.”

Previously, one may have thought that highlight and eyeliner are something you know or you don’t know, but  Mrs. Persons has proven that theory as false. In fact, she states that the class requires no prior knowledge of the topic or background, but you should be prepared to learn and work rigorously. Cosmetology is a great opportunity for hands-on learners to enjoy class time, while still enjoying the class.

   Mrs. Person states that she loves teaching about “Hair coloring, the chemical makeup of it, and hair cutting.

Cosmetology is the exact definition of skill and if you know how to mix the right chemicals to get the perfect hair color your client wants, and know how to apply it you are ready for success. Same goes with getting the perfect eyeliner. No one is born with eyeliner sharp enough to cut diamonds. It takes practice and a steady hand.

  Thankfully, the class offered at CEC doesn’t require any knowledge. Ms.Persons herself has had students  who didn’t even wear makeup when attending her class, but after started to experiment with it more.


 Cosmetology is a great way to show your individuality. The class requires you to create a portfolio with your original work, and they even have a showcase on March 20th where students will actually work on models first-hand. Of course, there are tons of more opportunities in the future but the cosmetology class offered at CEC is the best place to start.

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